Police/Citizens Advisory Board

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The Police or Citizens Advisory Board studies all problems, concerns, policies and programs of the Police Department in an effort to solve problems and promote a smooth, harmonious relationship between police and public. Resolution No. 1387 establishing this board requires one representative from 12 special interest groups. The vacancies are for each of the following: Business, African American, Hispanic, Homemaker, and Ministerial Alliance. All members must be residents of the City of Garden City. Please fill out an Advisory Board Application if you are interested in serving on a board.


Mellanina Johnson African American 
Charles Allen  Retired Senior
Alicia Weber Homemaker
Vinh Nguyen Asian American
Stan Kennedy Citizen at Large
Jeff Starkey Religious Community 
Darla Samy Business
Steven Jones Social Services
Sgt. Andrew Roush GCPD Employee
Alyssa Ralston Student Represenative
Connie Bonwell Citizen at Large
Vacant Schools
Vacant Hispanic
Vacant GCCC Student