Spree Killer - Greg Braun

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Greg_Braun_MugshotOn July 19, 1989, Braun, a 28-year-old college graduate with a degree in criminal justice, kidnapped Barbara Kochendorfer, 27 and Mary Raines, 28, during a robbery of two different convenience stores, on opposite sides of town in Garden City, Kansas. Both women were shot and dumped on the side of the same rural road. Between them they left eight young children. Ms. Rains was found clothed with the exception of being barefoot and lying face down in the mud. She had two shots to the back of her head. .25 caliber casings were found next to her body. Ms. Kochendorfer’s body was discovered by officers along Tennis Rd. just east of Highway 83. She was completely nude and her clothes were not around her body. Dirt was found in the middle of her back as if the suspect stood in the middle of her back when he shot her. Salem cigarette butts were found next to her body. She also had two shots to the back of her head by a .25 caliber handgun

Two days later on July 21st, in Pampa, Texas another shooting occurred matching the same description: robbery with an execution of the abductee with a .25 caliber handgun to the back of the head. It was at this point that police closed in on a suspect that had also been picked out of a line up from two witnesses from the murder.

That same day, the Garden City Police Detectives learned that there had been three more murders, execution style from a robbery in Ardmore, Oklahoma. All three females were found lying face down with a single shot to the back of the head. Once again .25 caliber casings were found. Although the suspect they had in custody matched the description to a tee and was picked out of a line up by witnesses to the crime, it was later learned that they had the wrong man. While the suspect was in custody, another murder matching the same description occurred in Springer, New Mexico on July 23rd.

This murder was also a robbery where two clerks were killed by lying face down with two shots to the head from a .25 caliber pistol. He was caught forty minutes after this murder with the gun still in his car. "You guys must be proud," he told police. "You don't know what kind of famous criminal you caught." Braun told a deputy of his murderous spree, "it wasn't as good as shooting craps in Vegas, but it was all right."  This murder, as horrific as the others were, was the break the detectives needed in their case. Greg Braun was arrested and in his possession was the gun used in each of the killings. Further, his vehicle matched the exact description given by all the witnesses to the crimes. Tennis shoes were also found that matched imprints found in the mud at Ms. Kochendorfer’s body back on July 19th. The Salem cigarette butts that were found next to Ms. Kochendorfer’s body also matched the same butts found in Braun’s car.

The evidence was flown to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) and analyzed against the evidence found at the crime scenes. Braun concurrently admitted that he had been the lone murderer. He stated that when he robbed the first store in Garden City and his scarf fell from his face, he felt he needed to murder the clerk since she would be able to identify him. Braun then decided to take the clerk out to the country and murder her. Braun took the proceeds from the robbery ($274.00) and purchased cocaine. Ht then used the cocaine in front of the second Garden City convenience store and felt the thrill to kill again.

Braun eventually admitted to all the killings he committed and was extradited to Oklahoma since he had killed the most people in that state. Oklahoma has capital punishment and it was exercised on Greg Braun. Braun was pronounced dead at 12:17 a.m. July 20, 2000, six minutes after receiving a lethal injection at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma.