Support Services

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randy ralston

Captain Randy Ralston

The Support Services Division is comprised of the Office of Professional Standards, Communications and Records under the command of Captain Randy Ralston. These sections are responsible for record keeping, computer entry and dispatching emergency services. Each section has certain responsibilities that need to be fulfilled to ensure that all employees have the resources available to enhance the quality of life for everyone within our great community.


Director Kathy Kuenstler oversees the Communications Section, which is comprised of civilian personnel and includes four (4) Supervisors and twelve (12) Communicators. The department maintains 24-hour coverage and personnel are divided into four (4) teams working rotating shifts. 

Dispatch MaryB

The Communications Section currently has six (6) radio consoles that have the capability of monitoring eight (8) channels. The Communicators are responsible for dispatching calls for service and monitoring the emergency personnel actions for nine (9) different agencies/departments in Finney County, with the help of a computer system and a CAD program

The Communications Section is also responsible for answering the five E911 emergency lines in an effort to provide the quickest and best service to our community. All 911 lines ring into our dispatch center.


RecordsThe Records Section has five (5) full-time Records Clerks and is supervised by Records Supervisor Casey Milligan. These civilian employees work Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Records Clerks are responsible for maintaining records, taking messages, disseminating reports to 2 courts, answering administrative phone lines and assisting citizens who come to the Law Enforcement Center.

These employees play a very important role in the day-to-day operation of the department. The data entry in the computer could make the difference when providing essential information to the officers on the street in the performance of their duties. Records personnel and Communicators use teamwork to ensure that calls for service get answered in a timely manner.