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Captain Courtney Prewitt


The Patrol Division, the largest within the Police Department is comprised of four (4) sergeants, and thirty two (32) officers. The Patrol Divisions' primary responsibility is to prevent crime through visible patrol of the city, conduct preliminary investigations into reported crimes, check suspicious incidents and persons, investigate traffic accidents, and enforce traffic laws.

Community Oriented Policing (COP) efforts of the Patrol Division are aimed at problem solving, apprehension of those involved in on-going criminal activity, allaying citizens' fear of crime, providing services, and enhancing the quality of life through the cooperation of the police and the citizens of the community.

Two school resource officers are assigned to the Garden City High School and one each at the Horace Good Middle School and Kenneth Henderson Middle School. The school resource officers work closely with school administrators in an effort to create a safer environment for both students and staff.

Work Week

The Patrol Division Personnel work 12-hour shifts. Shifts begin at 0700 and 1900 hours. This allows the availability of a supervisor and eight (8) officers on the streets at any given time. Patrol officers attend 40 hours of in-service training during duty time throughout the year.

Any time worked after working an actual 85 hours in a 14-day pay period is paid at time and a half. Officers who are called in from off-duty to testify in court are paid a minimum of two hours.

Shift Assignment

An officer's initial assignment is generally to the Patrol Division as a patrol officer. The Patrol Division is staffed on a twenty-four hour basis through the utilization of two work shifts. Officers work three days on, have three days off and then work fours days on and have four days off with the cycle repeating itself.

Patrol Lieutenants

SGT EJ Ochs                                    jason chase


Lieutenant EJ Ochs                                           Lieutenant Jason Chase

                 Patrol Lieutenant                                       Community Policing Unit Lieutenant

Specialized UnitsIMG_4024

Transfer to specialized units is based upon the needs and best interest of the department as defined by the Chief of Police. In addition to service as a patrol officer, positions are available are Bicycle Officer, Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.), Traffic Accident Investigator, Negotiations Team, Drug Recognition Expert, Police K-9, Motorcycle Officer, and Garden City/Finney County Gang Intelligence Unit.



Other Programs & Services

The police department is also involved in the following programs/services: Police/Citizen Advisory Board, Educational Observation Program, Cultural Diversity, Language Line, Telecommunications for the Deaf, and Leadership Council. A Citizens' Police Academy was established in 1998.


                                Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT):
The SWAT team is made up of two groups of officers who are trained in a variety of police tactics to include service of moderate and high-risk search warrants, hostage rescue, etc. SWAT members are officers from the Patrol and Community Response Division with primary command through the Patrol Division.




 Canine (K-9) Unit

In July 1998, The Garden City Police Department started a Police Service Dog Program. This program was funded with proceeds from asset forfeiture funds and public donations. The department currently has two K-9 officers, Officer Richard Colburn, who is partnered with K-9 Leroy and Officer Christopher Seeman, who is partnered with K-9 Johnny.  



Motorcycle Unit

 On September 25, 1923, Chief Richardson hired Roland Terwilliger as the department's first Motor Officer.  There were no other known Motor Officers until 2008.  In 2008 the Department purchased four 2002 Kawasaki Police 1000 motorcycles.  In 2010 the Department obtained an additional two Kawasaki Police KZ1000 motorcycles with plans to expand the Unit to 6 Motor Officers.   Primary duties of the Motor Unit include: Traffic Enforcement, Accident Investigation and other special duties such as Escorts and Parades.  In July 2014 the department purchased two 2014 Victory Commander motorcycles to begin replacing the fleet of Kawasaki KZ1000’s. 

GCPD Motor Unit 2016 Victory Wheel White