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Herb Clutter

Bonnie Mae Clutter

Kenyon Neal Clutter

Nancy Mae Clutter

Basement of Clutter home the day the murders.

Another picture of the basement of the Clutter home the day of the murders.

Bedroom of one of the murders.

Bedroom after the murder. Note picture below.

Photograph of bloody boot print from the boot on this page.

Capote, Dewey & Marie Dewey

Smith & Hickock walking to their sentencing.

Clutter family in happier times.

Clutter home - day of the murders.

Courthouse in Finney County, Kansas where they were convicted.

Outside view of Smith that left the bloody print.

Bottom of Smith's boot.

Left view of Smith's boot that left the bloody print.

Evidence bag of excess cord used to tie up the Clutter family, found buried near the Finney/Scott County line.

Additional picture of the excess cord found.

License plate from the vehicle Hickock and Smith were captured in.

The Clutter plot in Valley View Cemetery in Garden City, KS.

Road leading to the Clutter house.

Clutter funeral.

Gallows at Leavenworth, KS - note they are preparing the gallows for Smith's & Hickock's execution.

GCPD's booking photo of Hickock.

GCPD booking photo of Smith.

Scan of the Garden City Telegram original paper the day the murderers were executed.

Scan of the Garden City Telegram original paper the day the Clutters were found.

Hickock booking sheet

Hickock fingerprint card.

Hickock heading to court.

Hickock information sheet.

KBI booking photo of Hickock.

Hickock rap sheet - page 1

Hickock rap sheet - page 2

Cover of LIFE magazine of actors and Capote playing roles for movie based on Clutter murders.

Smith's painting of Jesus while he was on death row.

Coroner removing bodies from Clutter home.

Ritch Rohleder. The officer who took the photgraph of the bloody boot print.

Smith's arrest in Las Vegas, NV.

Smith's booking sheet.

Smith's boot print.

Smith's fingerprint card.

Smith in courtroom.

KBI mugshot of Smith.

Smith leaving the courtroom.

Smith's rap sheet - page 1

Smith's rap sheet - page 2